Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alphonse Mucha

The Greatest Bohemian ViolinCellist, (2-1/2" square)

Overnight, Mucha's name became a household word and, though his name is often used synonymously with the new movement in art, he disavowed the connection. Like Sinatra, he merely did it "my way." His way was based on a strong composition, sensuous curves derived from nature, refined decorative elements and natural colors. The Art Nouveau precepts were used, too, but never at the expense of his vision. Bernhardt signed him to a six year contract to design her posters and sets and costumes for her plays. Mucha was an overnight success at the age of 34, after seven years of hard work in Paris.

Laurel & Ivy, (2-1/4" square)

Next is my favorite of my Mucha carves, Fruit (2-1/2" x 3-1/2").

1 comment:

Draygonflies said...

Oh my gosh! The scrolls.. the flowers.. the hair. the fine fine details and tiny lines. You are truly amazing! Wow~


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