Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Seventh Day

Not too long ago, a dear friend suggested that I do more sketching, then carving, of my own artwork. I like that idea, but somehow just do not have the oomph to make that happen frequently. This image is, however, my own design. Created for a postal letterbox ring, it is a representation of my faith.

The image is of a tallit (prayer shawl) with all the elements of Shabbat (Sabbath); lighting the candles, prayer, reading Torah, rest, dancing, singing and the Havdalah candle. The actual stamp is quite large, so when I wanted to make an LTC from it, only part of the stamp would fit. (actual size it 6" x 3-1/3")


Ari C'rona said...

I just love this one, my dear! It expresses Shabbat so well! :o)

Chedva said...

Knowing you drew the artwork makes the LTC even more special!

I'm still working on my Hebrew...I can't remember the word Menuchah (above the Havdalah candle, if I didn't spell it correctly) I got everything else...The word sounds very familiar, and I could look it up, you know! : )
chedva, still sleepy from last night!

Chedva said...

OK, I couldn't wait..had to look it up! He IS our Rest...Shabbat Shalom!

Mama Cache said...

When I received that LTC, and you mentioned it was only part of a larger image, I knew I would not be satisfied without the rest. ;-) Thanks for bringing it with you on your road trip. Inking and stamping it was memorable. Definitely a favorite of mine.

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