Monday, June 1, 2009

Need a little something?

Have you ever thought, "gosh, this project needs just a little bit of something..." Well, that happens to me frequently. Sometimes it ends up being an embellishment, or a punch of some kind, but sometimes I just need an itty-bitty stamp to add as a background. This very situation happened to us yesterday, as Triple T and I were designing for an upcoming LTC swap. The card and stamp just screamed for a little something...extra.

How fast can you carve a stamp that is about 1/4"?

Yep, those are the famous AQ pencils! Those tiny stamps are hard to use without something to hold onto!

OK, so I went a little overboard...we only needed one. But, they were so much fun to design and carve, I just had to do more! I'm sure I'll be able to use them at some point.

Oh, and the answer is 7 minutes. *smile*


Ryan said...

Gosh, I feel like I should pay you something for all the publicity! =)

-- Ryan

Mama Cache said...

Go with your gut, Ryan. ;-)

Bobguyman46 said...

I really like the little stamps! Very creative to use the backs of the AQ pencils... I think about that size takes me about 10 minutes... Tiny details are hard to carve! Great job! I am loving your blog! =D


Dawn said...

Too cute! I love the idea.
I tried carving pencil erasers once, but found they were too crumbley

Draygonflies said...

I love that it's on the AQ pencils! heh Awesome idea to use up scraps and I could soooooo use stamps like these.

Thank you for sharing

Tee who might take at least seven minutes to figure out how to carve so small

Ari C'rona said...

Wow! You carved a lot of them! Too cool! :o)

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