Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"This weapon is your life!"

So, you knew it was gonna be lightsabers, huh?

One of my favorite things to carve; so straightforward, so clean, such a civilized weapon...

Here's Qui-Gon's design:

And Obi-Wan's:

Then Anakin's:

Finally, my own:

And a scruffy-lookin' nerf herder's! lol!

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side”...


Draygonflies said...

LOL love the quote.
Always two there are, no more, no less: a master and an apprentice.
-- Yoda

In all things carving, you are the master!


Nitrocat said...

If it doesn't have a sharp edge, I don't think I'd know how to use it.
These are all fantastic carves. I didn't know you'd done so many of them!

Mama Cache said...

Nice collection! I've got sound effects running through my head now . . .

Ari C'rona said...

Awesome! I'm ready to do some sparring! :o)

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