Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Every Woman Should Do Once

It's shopping day, so I thought this stamp would be appropriate. *smile*

Actually, I carved this stamp for a special postal for some special friends. It accompanied a cute little book called "What Every Woman Should Do Once". On each page is a suggestion; I asked the recipients to put a small star sticker on each one that they had done...a little edgy, but really fun!

This page got the most stars...I wonder why?? lol!

These poor little pages got no stars at all...they are pretty funny, though!

And, what should every woman do at least once?

Be true to herself.


Nitrocat said...

I suppose it all depends on your definitions of "famous" and "autograph". I mean, you're "famous" and we've exchanged sig stamps. Does that count?

Draygonflies said...

Did you carve the lady inside the book too? This is amazing. I've seen people using purchased stamps that don't hold a candle to that. So classy, elegant and just freaking awesome!

Ryan said...

That is SOOO cute..... =)

-- Ryan

Hendel D'bu said...

Oh no, Tee, I didn't carve the image in the book. Just the one at the top, which was the image on the front of the book. :-)

Bobguyman said...

Very creative =D


Ari C'rona said...

That book is too fun! What should I do just once in my life now? :o)

Mama Cache said...

How many people revisit old projects like you are doing with your blog? Next to none, I'm sure. It's so nice to know that your stamps aren't just gathering dust. ;-)

dbltall said...

Is it bad that my first thought was "Hugh Jackman"? ;)


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