Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's your favorite carving material?

The results are in!

I'm just laughing because I really didn't expect this much of a landslide! 81% of the carvers that read my blog said that they prefer the creamy consistency and carve-ability of PZ Kut, produced by our friend Webfoot. I really do recommend it for several reasons; it holds up to many, many stampings, it is stiff enough to hold fine details, but not so stiff that you are fighting against it, it's a nice and thin (but not too thin)...and creamy, yummy... Ah. The addiction of a carver. :-)

14% prefer the pink stuff (SpeedyStamp), only 3% use the squishier MasterCarve and the last 2% chose Other. I am guessing that other would be erasers...still a good choice for starting out, I think. No one who voted carves with the Dick Blick grey stuff or wood. I guess the Wood Whittler isn't reading my blog, eh? I know some have used the Dick Blick stuff, but I've never tried it; same goes for plumber's gasket. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have tried either of these options.

At the suggestion of another good friend, the next poll is what type of PZ Kut you prefer to sure to vote!


Mama Cache said...

The only stamp I've ever seen carved in plumber's gasket was one done years ago by BOXDN. From what I hear, it was his material of choice. I wish he was back on the scene to comment.

Lone R uses Nasco's SafetyKut, another "other" possibility. It has an interesting texture.

Cute "Pink Pearl" stamp, by the way. ;-)

shiloh said...

I bought a piece of plumber gasket and used a Speedball gouge. I cut a groove about a half inch long and threw the stuff away. It was so gritty feeling and kind of tore along the cut. I didn't see any need in keeping it for carving.

Ryan said...

I tried the Dick Blick stuff awhile ago, and didn't really like it much. It seemed too soft and jiggly to me. Compared to other carving blocks, it felt most like MasterCarve to me, which isn't exactly my favorite carving medium either. I'll use it if I have it, but it wouldn't be my first choice. =)

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