Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in Time with More Famous Letterboxers!

(actual size approx. 2.25" square)

Here's a carve I did for the Back in Time mini-gather held back in April of this year. I gave the stamp to the wonderful boxers we met (Travellin' Teacher and Disney Mariners Fan) and they planted it, I think. *smile* The little town of Poulsbo enjoys it's Viking heritage, so I incorporated it into the stamp. My favorite part of this stamp was trying to make the reflection of the rocks and pilings in the water.

L to R: Disney Mariners Fan (a team effort), Travellin' Teacher, Triple T & SHH
photo credit: Cowgirl

Viking ships are interesting; did you notice the small center holes in the decorated shields on the boat? Those perfect little holes were created using my mechanical pencil - you can do it, too! Just push the lead all the way into the metal tube of the pencil, then poke that metal tube into your carving material wherever you want a perfect teeny-tiny hole - voila! Neat trick, huh?

Do you have any other neat tricks that you use while carving? Share them with me - I'd love to hear them!


Nitrocat said...

You're singin' my song now! Great Viking ship!
I use the mech pencil trick too. I have also used a couple of different screwdriver tips in the same way.

Ari C'rona said...

Cool! I love that pencil trick! I used to use the tip of my exacto to sorta twirl the rubber around while I held my exacto steady. Of course, that works for larger circles still.


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