Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do you plant letterboxes?

This was an AQ post from back in May 2006, written by myself. A friend happened upon it just recently, and I was reminded of my sentiments at the time. I have enjoyed this hobby immensely, including all the extensions of letterboxing: postals, virtuals and LTCs.

I think it is worth re-posting here.
Do you plant letterboxes?

If your answer is 'yes', then I have something to say to you.


Thank you for planting letterboxes that I can go and find & enjoy. Thank you for giving me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when I find them. And thank you for giving me something to strive for, when I don't.

Thank you for the time and creative effort you put into planting a box. Thank you for the fun themes, the nature and history lessons, the things we share in common and for the things that we don't. Thank you for the drive-bys, the hard hikes and everything in-between. I appreciate the remote locations and the urban ones, the cute suburban parks and the beaches. I am following in your footsteps; thanks for going there first and showing me how to get there.

Thank you for sharing your talent and effort in stamp carving that has inspired me and has pushed me to be better, try harder and give more.

Thank you for your writing style, that has impressed, humbled and stretched me. Who knew that simply following directions could be so difficult? Thank you for showing me, (and my children), how to be observant of my surroundings and listen to my instincts.

Thank you for taking me to wonderfully magical places, glorious trails and little places that I never knew existed, even in my own backyard. Thank you for giving me an excuse to slow down and appreciate the things around me; letting me gain appreciation for nature so I can teach that appreciation to my children. Thank you, also, for the exercise that comes with searching out a treasure.

Thank you for all the exceptional letterboxes that have somewhat unexpectedly shown up in my mailbox. I have loved and treasured each and every one of them. And thank you for each little hitchhiker I have found and have had the pleasure of passing on. Thank you for the fun of a surprise - it makes me feel like a kid again.

You know, there is just something special about sharing a piece of yourself with others with similar interests. It makes us a community, and for that, I thank you.

~SHH :-)


Ari C'rona said...

That's cool! We've been on many adventures all because of what someone showed us, huh? :o)

Tee said...

I remember that post. It's was heart warming then and remains so now.

Casa del Sol said...

I wasn't letterboxing when you first wrote that, but so enjoyed reading it now. Thanks for saying it again. I feel the same way! :)

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