Thursday, July 23, 2009

Progression of a Turtle

I have a turtle lover in my family. T-4-Turtle is the trailname of my youngest son, Taylor - yes, he picked his own trailname. *smile* He was five years old when we started letterboxing. The progression of his sig stamp is rather interesting.

The first stamp was carved on a gum-type eraser with an x-acto. As you can see, it got quite a workout!

(actual size 1" square)

This was the second version, carved in orange PZ Kut.

(actual size 1.25" x 1.5")

The third version is an image that Tay picked and asked me to carve.

(actual size 2" x 1.5")

Here is the current version. I'm not sure that he is as thrilled with it as the last one, to be honest, but Mom likes it.

(actual size 1.75" x 1.25")

And here is our turtle-lover on the Biggest Field Trip Ever road trip in the Spring of '08. We were driving through the southern countryside and saw a turtle crossing the road...can you believe that? We had to stop and 'rescue' this little guy to the side of the road. But before letting him be, some pictures had to be taken...

a sweet Mississippi turtle

T-4 Turtle


Mama Cache said...

Progressions are great ways to record the journey -- nice job, Mom.

Nitrocat said...

We see the road crossing turtles here frequently in the Spring. According to our Forest Ranger friend, they are probably females going to lay eggs. The scary part is that the babies will have to recross the road to get "home".
Love the stamps!

Ari C'rona said...

Very cool! I hadn't seen the latest - it's awesome! I remember that turtle! :o)

Lucy Locket said...

What a sweet boy!

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