Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My kids love Shrek. Personally, I like the first was the best. I just love Eddie Murphey in his portrayal of Donkey.

Anyway, this is a carve I did for a postal some time ago. It was a musical postal, which means it travels with a CD to listen to while you are stamping in. Fun! The image was taken from the actual DVD of the first movie.

(stamp size 2.5" across)


Mama Cache said...

That sure is cute. Great example of "what to leave and what to remove" in a carve, too. That's always a tricky decision for me.

shiloh said...

This is a great example of simple shading. I can look at that and say..yes of course. Then when it comes time for me to try it I set there and go Huh?.

Ari C'rona said...

Love it! It can be a bit of a challenge to decide what to shade in.

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