Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cool Itty-Bitties

This time I'm posting three of my all-time favorite itty-bitties. The first one is my favorite footwear - I love boots! I especially love my Jedi boots, but I have many, many pairs of boots to choose from in my closet; high heels, low heels, suede, smooth, brown, black, even white. Just slippin' on a pair of boots always makes me feel better.

I'm sorry, but there is just nothing cooler than a lightsaber (come know it's true. Trust your feelings...) This is actually my lightsaber. When we started putting together our Jedi costume, we really wanted to make our lightsabers the way they did for the original Star Wars movies - with sink pipes and hardware. So, that is what we did, and we never fail to get ooohs and aahhhs when we wear them to a trooping event or to a convention. Anyone can buy a machined lightsaber, but only a few make their own in the old tradition. Oops! I think I got on a Jedi soapbox there...sorry!

And here is the coolest of the cool, the shades. You just can't look cool without this essential accessory. My favorite sunglasses were my Varnays back in the 80's. Unfortunately, they are all but a memory - so sad. But, I do have some shades that fill the bill well enough, I suppose. I just love to tip those dark shades down just a skosh and peer over the top - too cool!

More itties to come...


Mama Cache said...

I am supposed to be going to work out right now, but I just keep scrolling up and down these little stamps, holding my thumb and index finger in a pinch-an-inch shape next to the screen, and shaking my smiling head. Very cool little facets of you.

I am enjoying these.

Nitrocat said...

Why do I get the feeling that your stamp drawers are bottomless? ;)


Ari C'rona said...

Gee, Stacy, I think you're right - or else she just keeps carving!

Love these itty-bitties! You can get on your SW soapbox any time as far as I'm concerned! :o)

Mama Cache said...

I don't know if the stamp drawers are bottomless -- but I do know that they are cooler than cool!
Don't you have a shot of them on here? (Off to look . . . )

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