Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Hot Set of Cards

One of the LTC swaps I have been thrilled to be a part of was called 'A Little of This and That' hosted by Hale's Angels. The premise of the theme was to use up little bits of craft supplies (cardstock, embellishments, ribbon, etc.) that you had just laying around, leftovers from previous projects. Not really enough to do a whole set of cards, but too valuable to just throw away. Participants had to even used a recycled stamp; the stamp image had to be the same on every card in the set, but the design of the cards didn't have to be identical.

Wait a mean I can design each card differently? Whoa! For this abstract girl, that's a dream come true! I immediately started to create a whole set of one-of-a-kind LTCs. The only problem I could see was deciding which one I was gonna keep as a prototype!

As you can see, I got quite creative. It was fun and tedium of making the same card over and over and no production line. Just pure creativity, fresh with each blank card. It was awesome...what freedom!

The Tabasco stamp and the peppers I had carved as bonus stamps for a Hot Sauce postal ring that MoWizLiz had hosted quite a while ago. I like hot stuff and Tabasco is my favorite, so I took on the challenge of carving the Tabasco logo.

By the time I got to these cards, I had gotten into a rhythm...a color scheme I really, really liked. It's no secret I like neutrals and brown tops them all. The pop of color in the peppers was really appealing to me. I especially like the old-timey crate feel of these cards created on simple kraft paper cardstock.

All these designs flowed so easily; perhaps it was the stamp - squares are pretty easy to design around. This swap was probably the easiest swap I've partipated in to date!


Ari C'rona said...

This is one of my favorite of your sets, my friend! It would challenge my little concrete brain, but that's no surprise! lol! :o)

Nitrocat said...

Every one of these cards is great fun! I like the brown ones, but my favorites are the ones with the black background, two black accent lines and the brick wall.

Mama Cache said...

It's just a good thing I wasn't hosting that swap . . . I can't tell you how hard it would have been to pick only one to keep. Oh, I would have been a good girl, of course. -- "Package? What package? Cards? Which cards?"

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