Friday, September 11, 2009

The Chameleon

(stamp size 3" x 2")

Carved not too long ago for a special swap hosted by a special letterboxer. You know who you are, my January friend. *smile*

Below is an excerpt from a blog I wrote in response to a challenge of calling myself a chameleon. I thought it went well with this little stamp today.

I have called myself a chameleon for many years, as I am able to adapt myself to many different groups of people. At times this can prove disconcerting to some; just when they think they have figured me out, they discover they have not. Just for fun, I looked up chameleon in Wiki, and was a little disheartened by what I found:

"When a person is described as chameleon, the reference to the animal is generally a commentary on the person's ability to blend into various social situations, often to mean the person has no true values, or that he quickly abandons them in company if it's convenient to do so..."

Interesting, but somewhat wrong, at least from my point of view. I definitely have strong and true values, and do not have the habit of abandoning them; whether or not those opinions, values, etc., need to be discussed, however, is a different story altogether and is determined by the situation.
an inchie chameleon sig-stamp


Mama Cache said...

”This lives on air, and there it is the prey of all the birds; so in order to be safer it flies above the clouds and finds an air so rarefied that it cannot support the bird that follows it. At that height nothing can go unless it has a gift from Heaven, and that is where the chameleon flies.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci,Studies on the Life and Habits of Animals

Ari C'rona said...

Great carve, my friend! Love the blog reminder, too! Yes, you do have strong and true values! :o)

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