Friday, September 4, 2009

The Council Floor

The Council Floor LTC

The latest project, The Council Floor LTC was created for the most interesting Colored Mandalas swap, hosted by our friend Chedva. A layered affair with three layers of green, red and the blue center. I carved the text to add to the reverse of the card just for fun (and to practice smaller text with my needle), but decided it needed to be on the front instead.

The Jedi High Council in session, Episode II
The natural and circular motifs in the floor mosaic symbolized harmony and balance between the Jedi, the Council, and the Republic.
The twelve Masters of the Council would meet in the Council Chamber at the peak of the High Council Spire, seating themselves in twelve specially-designed chairs arrayed around the circumference of the room. High windows provided an impressive panoramic view of Galactic City. A small and narrow corridor ran between the inner and outer windows, where a stairwell existed; granting access to the Temple Treasury Room. The dedicated turbolift that ran up the side of the Tower from the Galaxy Holomap Room deposited into a small larmalstone lobby that served as entry into the vaulted chambers.


Ari C'rona said...

It turned out absolutely awesome, my friend! Love the council chamber info! :o)

Mama Cache said...

That layering turned out beautifully. ;-)

Mandy said...

Nice! I love this one!

Nitrocat said...

Just watched this again this week. The stamp would make a beautiful embellishment for greeting cards!

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