Wednesday, September 9, 2009


(stamp size 3.5" x 2.5")

Guessin' by the size, you'd think that I carved this for an LTC. However, this sweet magnolia was carved for a floral postal ring. Who can resist carving beautiful flowers? The magnolia is one of my favorites. In fact, I requested my dear mother-in-law to send me some of the magnificent magnolia trees (small, of course) to plant in my yard. They are doing wonderfully, but don't bloom much. I'm assuming that is due to the lack of heat. *smirk* I still like them, though, as they remind me of the deep south - what a lovely place.

Unfortunately, I am no longer in possession of this lovely stamp. Y'know, I've carved so many that I have just forgotten what has happened to some of them. *shrug*


Nitrocat said...

Stunningly beautiful. Makes me want to pull out my colored pencils.

Our prairie winds make growing Magnolias impossible here, so I'm jealous.

Mama Cache said...

Such a soft look in that image. It's beautiful.

I makes me think of your stroll here. I was so glad there was one blooming so low and ready to be photographed (to distract your attention from the weeds). *smile*

I'm not sure I'd want the name "grandiflora" -- but it's fitting for that blossom, isn't it?

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