Sunday, September 27, 2009


(stamp size 2" x 1.75") favorite! The absolute best I've had was at Zehava's in Beit She'an, Israel, but my friend Paulette makes some mean falafel, too. And when it's just right, it just takes me right back to Israel, that's for sure!

Just for fun, I googled Zehava's and lookie what I found! Another lucky visitor blogged of the delights found there:

"...however, driving time wasn't the real reason I opted to go through the Jordan Valley. You see, a little known fact (although I'm sure others will argue) is that the best falafel in Israel can be found in a little place in Beit She'an right next to the small parking lot that serves as the town's central bus station. Its name - Falafel Zehava - doesn't even begin to describe the culinary goodness that waits inside for those wise enough to stop in this furnace of a town."

"Falafel Zehava (which is run by two sisters, the younger of whom is named [surprise] Zehava) also has exquisite shwarma, world class shakshuka, and spiced meatballs in a tomato sauce that would make an Italian weep for joy. But the highlight of a visit to this place is the incredibly fresh, perfectly crisp/moist falafel. All of these treats are served with a welcoming intimacy that makes one forget literally hundreds of travelers step in out of the 100+ degree (F) heat to enjoy their food every single day. We also stopped there on the way back, and the sisters not only remembered us but asked after some of our friends who had stopped in to eat on our recommendation."

Oh man, that just makes me wanna go...NOW! lol!

Anyway, the little falafel stamp was part of a very fun little postal project called 'Potluck'. All the participants carved their favorite food items for the 'potluck' and then sent them randomly to the other participants. You never knew when you were gonna receive a very fun food stamp in the mail! And, when you got inspired to carve something else for the potluck, you just added it to the mix. As you can imagine, it continued for quite some time!

At sunset this evening is the start of Yom Kippur, so get your fill of yummy falafel before the fast starts! Hey, I suggest we all head for Zehava's...


Mama Cache said...

Your suggestion -- very cheery. Now, I'm heading out of the door with no breakfast . . . probably not the best time to read this. ;-)

Very cool stamp, my friend.

shiloh said...

Maybe I should get a new passport. :)

Come to think of it,I'm not sure I've ever had falafel.

Ari C'rona said...

Passport's ready - when do we leave? :o)

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