Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swan Princess

The stamp for this LTC was carved just for fun - and it was sure fun to carve! Amazingly it was not linked to a swap or project at all. And no back story to this image, either...I just liked it when I found it online. I tend to gravitate towards the images that would be quite a challenge to carve, just to see if I can do it!

There is, however, quite a history to the Swan Princess, or more commonly known as Swan Lake.
The legend of the Swan-Maiden goes back for centuries, appearing in differing forms in both eastern and western literature. Women who turn into birds and vice-versa were popular themes, and the swan was particularly favored due to its grace when swimming in the water. The ancient Greeks considered the swan to the bird closest to the Muses. When Apollo was born at Delos, the event was celebrated by flights of circling swans.

It is known that Tchaikovsky was commissioned by Vladimir Petrovich Begichev, the intendant of the Russian Imperial Theatres in Moscow and a friend of Tchaikovsky, to write a score for Swan Lake in May 1875 for the sum of 800 rubles. It was Begichev who authored at least the initial program of the ballet. He, along with Vasily Fedorovich Geltser, a dancer in the Moscow company, are credited with writing the libretto for the ballet, though many contend that Geltser was probably no more than the copyist. The first published libretto of Swan Lake did not correspond exactly to the musical lay out and was probably produced by a staff writer who based it on observations of rehearsals in progress. It is highly likely that Tchaikovsky had a good deal of influence over the story’s development. Legends of swans were presumably familiar to Tchaikovsky and his artistic friends, who no doubt discussed the idea of the swan as a symbol of womanhood at its purest.


Mama Cache said...

I remember this card -- very pretty. I can see how the image would draw you to carve.

Bobguyman said...

Very nice! Love it =D


Ari C'rona said...

Thanks for inspiring me to challenge myself, my dear! :o)

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