Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Advice: Not Too Close!

Pretty self-explanatory, in my mind. There are plenty of great places to plant letterboxes, to be sure! And if you get the urge to plant a letterbox in a park that already has one or two letterboxes resident, it is good form to speak to the planters prior to placing yours, just out of courtesy. The only time this wouldn't be necessary is if the park is very large and able to accommodate many 'boxes without feeling crowded. (This is a good general rule to follow; however, there are always exceptions.)

This bit of good advice is another hitchhiker that's out traveling about the country, measuring 2" x 1.75".


Nitrocat said...

And don't forget to check for Geocaches first!


Ari C'rona said...

Those geocaches - you never know till you stumble on one.

Cool stamp! Do you mean I shouldn't plant in a park that already has 8 boxes? :oP

Mama Cache said...

I wonder if one of those HH's would ever show up down here. That would be a fun surprise. I found one of Desi's during a box maintenance run. I remember looking at the name and saying, "Hey, I know who that is." I think I just kept staring at it for a minute. Traveling 2500 miles would be quite a feat for a little stamp, though.

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