Friday, October 9, 2009

One Sweet Ride

(actual stamp size 3" x 1.75")

I have to admit that I am still pining over a lost love affair.  I know, just put it behind you, Liz... 

This love affair was with my 1984 Fiero.  It was beautiful; white with brown and tan stripes along the sides, tan interior - just perfect.  I remember the day that I came home to see it sitting in front of the house - a surprise gift from a very dear friend. 

I loved that car from the moment I sat behind the wheel.  The way it sounded and hugged the road, feeling like a jetplane hitting the runway as I entered the freeway.  I have sweet memories of 'threading the needle' through traffic on I-5, racing to beat my friend in his matching white Fiero.  A good girlfriend says her first impression of me was driving in that car, zipping into the parking lot of our office with my long hair streaming out the window.  Yeah...I'm still in love with that car.  *sigh*

It's long gone now, though.  It got traded in long ago, against my better judgement.  I must have a pic of it somewhere around here...

This stamp was my contribution to an eighties postal ring long ago.  Interestingly, I think I was the oldest participant in the ring, because most of the stamps were of eighties toys.  It is a sad thing for me to say, but this stamp is also long gone, lost to a postal black hole.  I don't get attached to my carvings much, but this one was close to my heart.  At least I have the image - I'm happy about that.


Mama Cache said...

Oh, vivid one! I think you could have made us see that car even without the image! ;-)

Nitrocat said...

Sounds like the scene from a movie.
My first ride was a Mazda pick up and DH gave up his Mustang for the mini-van. We feel your pain.

Ari C'rona said...

Sweet image! I can see you driving it down I-5 - brings to mind a certain scene in Ep. II... "I forgot you hate flying, master." :o)

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