Friday, November 27, 2009

Stitched Logbooks

a few stitched logbooks made specifically to use as event logs

This is my favorite type of logbook to make, although it does take a little longer. Once you get the rhythm of it though, it's not difficult. Again, others have done fabulous tutorials, like this one on Atlas Quest, so I'm not going to duplicate that here. Making a logbook of this type does require more involved measuring, using thicker cardboard or chipboard for the covers, gluing and stitching, but the end result is pretty impressive.

Something about making these types of logbooks gets my creative juices flowing. I would recommend wrapping your book cover material (chipboard) with the thinner printed scrapbooking paper, as gives you cleaner edges than using cardstock. I also like to use a higher quality brochure-type paper (like 32 lb) for the pages, rather than just regular copy paper. Here's one of my favorites; it was a postal created for the Let the Wookie Win postal ring...Star Wars, of course.

My Obi-Wan logbook along with a smaller
Snoopy logbook featuring Charles Shultz

a page from the Obi-Wan logbook

Inside this logbook I included quotes of my hero on each page, printed out on my computer then pasted in place. Since I have so many Star Wars stamps, I also sprinkled those throughout the log to give the pages some interest.

There are other, more intricate stitching techniques out there for making stitched books - the style I use is the most simple. I absolutely love the method that shows the stitches on the outside of the binding, but I've not attempted that type yet. I've seen some fabulous examples of this over the years - most impressive.

one of my latest stitched logbooks
for the upcoming Favorites project


Nitrocat said...

You would probably love Bookworks by Sue Doggett.

Ari C'rona said...

I love the Obi Wan one... :o)

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