Monday, January 4, 2010


This is Obi-Bear, my letterboxing mascot. Mascots are now more commonly called 'Letterboxing Buddies', but when I made Obi-Bear, we called them mascots. Obi-Bear has traveled the country, 'boxing in places I will never visit, hanging out with 'boxers I only dream of 'boxing with.

He is obviously a Jedi, and his attire was my very first completed Jedi 'costume'. To be honest, I thought by making his Jedi robes it would satisfy my then-growing desire to costume as a Jedi. Apparently, it only fueled the fire!

The detail of his costume includes boots, robe, the required Jedi leather utility belt complete with pouch and (removable) comlink, as well as lightsaber. Cute, huh?

Obi-Bear has a travel log and a standard logbook. The travel log is for his hosts to record their visit along with photos and commentary. The logbook contains a little bit of Obi-Bear's 'back story', just like any other Jedi. *smile*

Obi-Bear's logbook and travel log

As any mascot or buddy, Obi-Bear has his own sig-stamp. I carved a two-sided, just for fun. The stamps measure 1" in diameter.

So, what does Obi-Bear do these days? Well, he mostly just hangs out in my craftroom. When Padawan and I are privileged to go to conventions, however, he gets to travel once again. He sits on display with all the other Jedi props and costuming information at the Rebel Legion/501st tables. He creates quite a bit of attention, to be sure. And, no...he's not for sale. *smile*

Obi-Bear at Norwescon '09


Anonymous said...

What a cute letterboxing buddy!

Lucy Locket

Mama Cache said...

He is absolutest the cutest thing! His sig stamp is . . . wait . . . does this mean that one could get an exchange with him? ;-)

May I meet this little treasure up close???

Nitrocat said...

I'm pretty sure that is the first time I've ever had the urge to squeeze a Jedi. Maybe Obi-Bear and Teasel can meet someday.


Ari C'rona said...

Ah, no squeezing Jedi, please... lol!

He's so awesome, my friend - I'm privileged to travel to conventions with him! LOVE the background of the first pic!


Hendel D'bu said...

the background in the first pic is his 'escape pod'! lol!

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