Wednesday, February 24, 2010


stamp size 2.25" x 3"

Ancient art always fascinates me, and this image is no exception. Taken from a company logo found while surfing the web, I carved this for an event last year. I love how the human form is portrayed differently according to the social norms of the day. Notice in these Roman citizens how the forehead and bridge of nose has very little indentation; so different from reality. I also like the Renaissance time period and how scantily clad bodies were shown rather voluptuous. Obviously a sign of prosperity, but I wonder how true to life it was.

In our modern time thinness is exalted, when in reality a great number of people carry a little extra on their frames. Ah, but I digress...

I am currently researching ancient Greek mythos, and am enjoying the artwork immensely. The ancient artwork is so one-dimensional and is a great contrast to some of the same stories retold by artists of the later periods.


Stacy Christian said...

Beautiful stamp!

Ari C'rona said...

Awesome carve, my friend! Cool research, too! :o)

Mama Cache said...

I love the expression you give to other works of art. They certainly take on a life of their own once they are in your hands. Beautiful!

[We bought a history study guide once that contained a list of questions that could be asked of any time and place. Among them was, "What did this culture consider beautiful?" Good question!]

Bobguyman said...

Wow... Awesome carving =D


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