Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little scrappin'

I am part of a very fun and interesting project right now that involves stamping my favorite carves in logbooks of the other participants in the project. I am having quite a time, however, choosing which of my many, many stamps are my favorites! With each logbook that arrives, I am stamping different stamps. I know this is a bit of a spoiler, but I so liked how this page turned out, I just had to share it!

Some of the textures are lost in the scan, unfortunately. The light area is actually stamped on fabric, while the hooded portrait is mounted on textured leather-look paper. The Jedi 'wings' logo is popped out with some foam tape, as well.

I don't do much scrapbooking, but I sure enjoyed this!


Ari C'rona said...

That is sweeet! I love seeing them all together like that! Tov meod, my friend! :o)

Mama Cache said...

I love these stamps, and I love when you get a theme in your head.

"...greater than the sum of the parts"

So well done.

Nitrocat said...

Why am I not surprised that these were your favorites? ;)
Very nicely done!


SQUIRREL! said...

that is one sweet card!

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