Monday, March 8, 2010

Care for a Cuppa?


This series of stamps was carved for an LTC swap, oh a long time ago now...back at the beginning of it all. In fact, I think it was the second swap I did; it was a great theme - coffee! So, in my usual fashion, I couldn't just carve one stamp, but had to conquer three!


Some time later, I planted these stamps in a park very, very close to my home. Unfortunately, there seems to be a rather rabid park 'keeper' that accidentally got tipped off to their presence. It's too bad, but I will have to pull them, if he hasn't discovered them already. He didn't seem too keen on their presence in 'his' park. *sigh* It happens.

...or the real deal!

(stamp sizes: Coffee and Tea are 1.25" square and Espresso is 2.75" x .75")


Ari C'rona said...

Love these! And the titles - how about the real deal, say on Thursday?


Mama Cache said...

Oh, is that tea in the middle? My hot beverage of choice! Fitting that it keeps company with a couple of coffee stamps, in my opinion.;-)

Love the stamps!

Stay warm!

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