Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Sig-Stamp Tour

Since I am unofficially the sig-stamp queen, how 'bout a tour? I don't know what I carve more of...sig-stamps or Star Wars stamps! There's some oldies-but-goodies in this stack, including my first (So. Hill WA).

Sorry I can't give you sizes on these - I guess the more pixelated the image, the smaller it is! (The smallest sig-stamp I have is 1/4"; it's the SHH in an oval.)


Ari C'rona said...

That was fun! I'd forgotten about some of those. Thanks for the tour, my friend! :o)

Sue KuKu said...

Dang! Now I want them all! I think I need to get a moleskin book and just collect your sig stamps in one place.

How do you decide which one to use?


veganf said...

WOW! I've never seen so many sig stamps! Is there a particular reason you carved so many, like one for each year, or season, or event, etc.?

Mama Cache said...

*smile* I remember my little scavenger hunt to see how many I could find on the backs of LTCs, in my postal logbooks, etc. Very fun!

KuKu, I'm with you -- all of them!

Stacy Christian said...

I think I have sig stamp envy now. I'm inspired to create a new mini sig though.


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