Friday, March 19, 2010

The Way to the Newtons'

Today I'm featuring an event stamp that I carved for a requesting host - this time my friend Dale End Farm out in Massachusetts. She lives in such a beautiful place rich with history; she sent me the map and we discussed what she wanted on the stamp and I took it from there. Don't you love the cow?

Event stamps can be quite large, and this one measures 4" x 3.25".


Anonymous said...

I have a question about carving writing. I am assuming that you carved around it, leaving it 'up' in relief, but is that the case? If you did indeed carve around it, how do you do such fine work? My carving is getting much better, but I cannot carve words in relief and I'm wondering what tool I need to accomplish this. Right now I use the Staedler tools and an xacto knife. Do I need needles?
Thanks, and I really love your work.

Fluffy Cow said...

How could I NOT love the cow?!?!?

Hendel D'bu said...

Elizabeth, thanks so much for reading my blog and for your questions.

Lots of practice and a love of lettering results in the ability to carve fine details such as different fonts and text. I do carve them in relief, gouging out along the bottom and top of the text before tackling each letter.

I use a Staedtler #1 gouge for the most part, sometimes utilizing modified gouges that I have received from Kirbert. But, having the 'right' tool is not the magic key - it is practice, practice, practice that will yield the results you are after. :-)

FourWaters said...

You know, when you gasp aloud at the sight of someone's work, it is amazing.

So well done. You inspire me!

Elaine Waters
of FourWaters

Ari C'rona said...

Awesome carve, my friend! :o)

Mama Cache said...

See! I'm not the only one who gasps aloud!

Phenomenal. *sigh*

Webfoot said...

I have to say that it isn't just the cow I love here -- what a fantastic carving! Beautiful, beautiful work!

Hendel D'bu said...

Wow! You are all too kind!

Thanks for makin' my day... :-)

wooberry said...

I sent a scan of a postcard that my grandfather had made up, must have been an invitation, to SHH, and she transformed it to be the event stamp for my event. Isn't it wonderful?
And Triple T, aka Padawan, also carved me a wonderful stamp, for the same event.
I now have these as personal travelers, so if you see me, ask for the !


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