Friday, April 30, 2010

Our First Event!

Your first event is always a little intimidating, right? As a newbie, you have no idea what really happens at letterboxing events and you don't know anyone by their real names. If you are anything like me, I felt a little weird going up to someone and asking, "Are you Thunderbird?" (Thankfully, she was very nice and normal and sweetly said, "Yes!")

My first event was hosted by a famous letterboxer and friend, Daelphinus. Well, she didn't go by Daelphinus then, at that time her trailname was DVN2R-CKR. Yeah. (So, how DO you say that one?? Haha! It's pronounced Adventure-Seeker...) I didn't know it at the time, but I was about to meet some letterboxing 'royalty' at this event, as well...

our first event stamp, carved by Daelphinus

Yep, as you can see from the sig-stamps below, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting GT and, that was pretty exciting! And, not only that, but I actually got to group box with Ryan leading the way. Well, kinda leading, kinda not...yeah. It was a lot of fun and makes me smile just thinking about it again.

1 comment:

Mama Cache said...

Nearly 5 years ago! Wow!

You have invested so much of yourself in this hobby and it's satellites. Thanks.

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