Friday, April 16, 2010

Really Cool Inches!

Well, all the wonderful participants of the An Inch of...Me! project should have their inches mounted and featured in a place of prominence by now, so it won't be a spoiler if I share. This project was so fun!!

The idea was to create an inch that represented you, then swap with 30 other carvers. The goal was to then take those inches and mount them for framing and display. Here's how mine turned out:

Actually, I played with the layout for about another hour before deciding on the final arrangement - which was fun in itself! I was thrilled to get this on my wall; what an inspirational piece of art. Can you guess who carved which?**

OK, so I have another inchie idea floating around in my head, and yes, it's a challenge...

First row: Disney Freak, Tiger Pride, Lovebirds NC, Baqash, SeatleboundandherAligator

Second row: Campfire Lady, Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Butterfly Suzy, Maude, Dolphinwanderer, Geometry Junkie, JFK Sister

Third row: Letterboxer Gurl, Snail Mail, Mama Cache, SHH, Padawan, Murray Herd, Mosaic Butterfly

Fourth row: Teacup, MN Compass, Dartmoor Dreamer, Mojo612, Artgekko, Four Waters, Blue Diamond (a bonus)

Fifth row: Fluffy Cow, OnaJourney, Archaeofrog, Chunna, The Inky Jedi :-)


Ari C'rona said...

That was a fun swap! Mine is all mounted and lookin' fine on my wall.

Thanks for challenging me once again, my friend!


Mama Cache said...

My little guy just looked at your swap pic and said, "Yummy! Chocolate!" He was pretty disappointed when he found out it was paper squares.

His mother, on the other hand, was elated to receive these inches . . . oh, they are far better than chocolate!

Mama Cache said...

Off subject . . . I just fed your fish some more orange PZ Kut bits . . . in case you wanted to know . . .

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