Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Off on another roadtrip...

The travelers!
(L clockwise) T-4-Turtle, SHH, Padawan, NepEnot
, Hkrtrkr and Cowgirl
stamp size 3.25" x 2.25"

Well, we are embarking on another road trip, and boy are we ready to hit the road!

This is the stamp I carved for the last road trip; I made scads of LTCs with it to trade and took it to share along the way. We were privileged to be honored guests at gatherings all across the country!

This time we are not planning on attending gathers. We are hoping to pick up letterboxes along the way instead, (since we didn't get to 'box much on the last trip). Nothing too complicated or time consuming, but fun drive-bys and tourist boxes would be great. Padawan has been gathering clues for all the places we will be stopping and at rest stops, roadside attractions and parks along the way. How fun!

When we are on the road, however, I will not be actively posting to this blog. I know, it's a bummer (and I will be carving along the way, I'm sure). I will be updating our travels on my Temple blog, in case you want to follow our progress. But keeping this blog up, as's just too much, I'm afraid; not to mention I won't have access to a scanner to input any images.

I will be back at it, posting my carving, projects and ideas, when we return. Until then, happy 'boxing and if you think about us, send up a prayer for safe travels, will you? Oh, and I did carve a new stamp for this journey and I hope it will be gracing quite a few letterbox logs along the way. However, I won't be posting that until the road trip is a happy memory. :-)


Kristina said...

Travel safe friends.


Mama Cache said...

We'll certainly be praying for you as you travel and following all that you are able to share.

It certainly doesn't seem like two years have passed since the first trip. Wow! Meeting you all was so special -- and that's an understatement. Thanks again, my friend, for taking time to stop.

May the South be kind to you as you journey through . . . and the same be said for the rest of the country.

Ari C'rona said...

Woohoo! We're off! :o)

Webfoot said...

Have fun, find lots of boxes and meet cool people. I just wish you were coming through my area! :)

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