Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tourist Boxes, please!

We just returned from our month-long journey around the country...8,975 miles! Wow! We stopped at so many places and saw so many things that I cannot remember them all.

One thing we planned was to get letterboxes along the way; one at every stop was too much to hope for, but we tried to plan for that anyway. Did we succeed? Oh no! But we did manage to get about 14 boxes, I think. My favorites are what I call 'tourist boxes'. I coined that term almost from the beginning of my 'boxing career and they are still my faves. Why? Well, I don't know if you have noticed, but I'm a rather lazy letterboxer. I admit it. I like a lot of types of 'boxes, but it's the easy get, great location, fun carve and touristy-memory that I like the best. I like them even more when I'm in a unfamiliar location, like on a road trip across the country.

Criteria for a TOURIST BOX:

- A drive-by up to a half a mile easy hike (kid friendly)

- LB located in a great tourist location and not far from major highways/interstates

- Easy to locate starting point with simple directions or a GPS

- Stamp image is related to the attraction and/or history of the area

- A rather easy 'get' time should take no more than 1/2 hour

- Clue includes information about the area/attraction

- Box clues should mention that it is great for tourists or those from out of the area

I will be going through my own 'box clues and designating on the clue if it is a good TOURIST box. I'm hopeful that others will do the same. Not all my boxes qualify, of course, and they shouldn't, to be honest. But, it would be nice to be able to narrow the search for them for those longer road trips to unfamiliar towns.

I completely understand that there will be those who would not like these boxes, or search them out. It's all good! We are all different and like different types of letterboxes. But for those highway travelers out there, (and those traveling with noxer family members who don't want to take a lot of time 'boxing along the way), I'm wishing for more tourist boxes.


Anonymous said...

If I plant a bunch in Nebraska will you plan your next road trip through my state? We have easy to find gas stations and Starbucks!
; )
Glad you are home safe.
Ona Journey

Hendel D'bu said...

Easy to find gas stations and Starbuck's definitely makes traveling more pleasant, that's for sure! lol!

I'd love to come through your state, my dear friend! :-)

Ari C'rona said...

Great list of criteria, my friend! I love the idea of boxes at Starbuck's! :o)

Snail Mail said...

I think you should have driven 26 more miles, to make it over the 9,000 mile mark!

Stacy Christian said...

Proximity to a clean restroom might be good info to include as well. ;)


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