Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Inches

I don't think I'll ever get tired of inches.  No, really.

Another inchie project is underway, this time having to come up with three related inches arranged artfully on an LTC.  In brainstorming ideas, I must have come up with at least 20 or 25 interesting themes.  But, I am kind of a one-note-nelly when it comes to carving, I suppose.  As I see the end of my PZ Kut tunnel, I am getting rather picky about what I'm willing to carve.  Call me silly.

an evening's efforts

Not sure if these will make it into the actual swap, or if they are just the warm up.  I have lots of scraps that are usable for more inches.  Besides, with inches you can't just do one!  Of these three, I'm pretty happy with the two love birds, but my hero is not quite what I had wanted.  These are taken from the animated TV series; 3D-CGI Obi-Wan just isn't as stunning as Mr. McGregor.  I might give him another try.  *shrug*

In looking at them side-by-side, you may see my point. I think some tweaking of my inchie-Obi is needed...


Mama Cache said...



Ari C'rona said...

Sweet!! You would have to put up that particular pic this morning... :o)

Stacy Christian said...

The CGI Obi's chin is all wrong.

I just watched Miss Potter the other day. He's pretty dreamy in that film too. Had to chuckle that Mr. McGregor played in a movie about Beatrix Potter's life. :)

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