Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Fourth Order of the Quest

Quite a long time ago, five ancient lands of “Eurys Ops”, “The Land of the Afri”, “Asu”, “Australis” and “Amerigo” were governed by a council that comprised of one human representative from each of the lands, peoples called The Five Orders.

These Orders were known by their special abilities, gifts so to speak, that were represented by a member of the animal kingdom. The Orders protected the secret knowledge of peace and harmony. The life-force of the land, air and sea was centered in five diamond shaped pieces which comprised the Life Archive. The Life Archive held all the knowledge of good, the courage of the brave and the breath of honor. Once whole, with all five pieces intact, it would enable the Council to call upon power and wisdom untold. Unfortunately, it was considered too powerful by the ancients. The Archive was split up and hidden throughout the world so the powers of darkness could not use its incredible power to corrupt and destroy mankind. Under the watchful eyes of the protectors, The Five Orders, these pieces remained hidden, silent for thousands of years.

These Orders consisted of Order of the Golden Eagle that flourished in Australis, the The Order of the Raven, so beautiful, that soared above Europe, the ever steadfast Order of the Moose that roamed the Americas and proudly The Order of Mice scampered in Afri. The Asians, the origin of the First Order, had always been a nomadic Order, never staying too long in one place, but always moved by a restless spirit and always finding itself near the sea. The other four Orders, those who had elected to settle down in the four corners of this land, could not live this lifestyle, although they accepted it as the way of the First.

The secret of these Orders, the attribute that identified them, could be revealed in a single word which had been used time and time again to describe them. To survive and tell the story to the next generation - this was the mission of the Five Orders. Each Order was bound, vowed, to protect their piece, for one day the Five Orders would be reunited and commence, once again, to restoring balance, peace and harmony to all the earth.

Everything about each Order could be encompassed in one word, each a secret in itself, that held the key to unlocking their piece. None fit so well, so perfectly, as did the word for the Fourth Order, the guardians, the Golden Eagles of the Australis.

The Fourth Order was unique from all the others. With the attributes of the soaring Golden Eagle, they were intuitive and decisive, watchful and patient, accurate and deadly… the quintessential guardians. Their hallmark, the very weapon they only wielded when absolutely necessary, marked them out as the Fourth Order. The ancient weapon that harnessed light energy as a blade was something to be reckoned and respected. To learn to use the saber of light took a lifetime of dedication and discipline. When an Order member became proficient enough to wear the saber, he or she took on the name of Jedi’ot (meaning Guardian Knight in the ancient tongue), reciting the ancient wisdom that was memorized in prose.

The Fourth Order Jedi’ot, or Jedi, chose as its hiding place the beautiful northwestern corner of the North American continent, called Amerigo in ancient times. Among the stunningly snow-capped mountains, lush valleys running with abundant rivers, endless forests of skyscraping evergreens and stormy coastline, the Jedi made their home, ever mindful of their purpose of guarding the secret in their care. Interestingly, the Fourth Order was the only to retain the original and ancient script of their homeland. If you look closely, you may be able to decipher this ancient code...


Mama Cache said...

My ever-talented friend . . . so worth a special trip it would be... ;-)

Even this glimpse is beautiful and the entire project impressive.


Lisa said...

Had fun learning some new things this morning. Can't wait to see what happens next. Thunderbird

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