Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shadow Boxes

Now that the memorial is a memory, I am left with the task of putting my life back together.

As I'm going through the pile of stuff that was the service, I thought I would share two of the shadow boxes I created for the memory tables.  These are very fun to put together, though I wish I could have had a better excuse to give them a try.  I'm thrilled with how these turned out.

This first one held my parent's wedding invitation/announcement, some great vintage photos of my Dad in the service, a countdown my Mom had stashed away marking off the days until their wedding day and a piece of a love letter.  I added a bit of interest by attaching a pic of my Dad how he looks today - it's actually on the outside of the frame, just for fun.

This second shadow box holds memories from time spent working with Girl Scouts.  My Mom was a troop leader for many years.  I copied my old badge sash on my printer and made it into the background.  I thought it was fun to attach my Mom's pins in the appropriate places, as well as her name badge.  My Mom made patches for the troop with the old Tri-Chem paints (remember those?) and, amazingly, I had some that we just hadn't got around to putting on my patch jacket.  I added one to the box, along with cookie and day camp patches.  Her day camp name necklace was the finishing touch.

Shadow boxes - what a great way to preserve memories!


Mama Cache said...

*smile* Well done!

Anonymous said...

Lovely....will remind you of happy times.

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