Friday, April 29, 2011

Cool Product!

Everytime I use this product, which I just found about six months ago, I get questions.

So, here it is - Sheer Shimmer Spritz by Tsukineko

"We received samples in Gold and Sparkle and both are eye-catching and got high marks from both our in-house staffers and staffers scattered far and wide. The spritz is lovely and translucent, and adds a pop of color without overwhelming your project. It has a whispered, barely-there quality that delivers quite a punch...The Pssst! Shimmer Spritz bottle is 7ml of pearlescent shimmer and about 4" tall. Available colors are Gold, Sparkle, Copper, Pewter, and Silver and are pleasingly priced at approximately $3 a bottle. With elegant shimmer, an easy-to-use pump spray that even after numerous uses didn't clog, and a thin bottle that fits snugly in your hand for better control, the Pssst!! Shimmer Spritz is absolutely SNR approved." (Scrapbook News & Review)

I absolutely love this stuff - it works like a charm, is just enough glitz to add pizazz to an otherwise rather dull project and it dries quickly.  However, you can burn through the little bottles rather quickly (the package says 'travel size spritzers'...I'd sure like a full-sized bottle!), and it does over-spray so you have to be careful.  My local JoAnn's never seems to have what I want when I want it, especially this item.  It is always sold out, or worse...stolen from the packaging.  Ugh.

My favorite is the 'frost' offering, but I have tried the gold and silver, too - both with good results.

So, give it a try for a little added bling to your stamping projects!


Mama Cache said...

I love this stuff! I rescued the last cards I made with their "frost" and "sparkle."

Wonderful review!

Marmalade said...

I like this stuff too - and a little goes a long way for a great effect.

If you're having trouble finding it in the stores, you should know that SU! sells the Smooch Spritz in four colors; gold, silver, vanilla and log cabin. (You can always do a direct order on line, and indicate Sarah Fuller/Portland OR is your demo if you don't already have one).

Hendel D'bu said...

Thanks for the tip, Marm! I'm definitely keeping this in mind :-)

Marmalade said...

Sorry, I reread my comment and realized it sounded more like a commercial for my SU! biz than a thumbs up for the spray. Didn't mean it that way, honest.

Hendel D'bu said...

I didn't take it in a bad way, I promise! Besides, I'm all about pluggin' your biz here on my blog! :-)

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