Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well, they used to be called matchbooks.  Do you remember those?  My grandmother used to decorate them for the holidays with pretty foil wrapping paper and display them in a cut crystal dish on the coffee table.  Of course, that was during the days when everyone smoked, so it was practical as well as beautifully festive.

Since my early days of acting as festival coordinator for our congregation I have decorated match boxes.  For our biblical festivals it seems like we are always lighting candles for some reason, and I took the opportunity to spruce up the plain, generic match boxes (instead of books) to correspond with the festival.

Here's my latest for Hanukkah, which is coming up quicker than I would like to admit.  I used hand-carved stamps on these, but there are many store-bought stamps you could use, as well.

Simply craft paper cut to size, decorate with stamps then glue them to the box. (I used Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive - one of my favorites.)  I chose to add a little festive sparkle with small Swarowski Elements crystals.

Now we are ready to light that menorah!


Mama Cache said...

This makes me smile!

Your creativity poured into you attention to detail consistently turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

You care.

It matters.

Ari C'rona said...

They're awesome! Love the bling! :o)

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