Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another sig-stamp?

(actual size 1.75")

At the heart of carving, for me, is the thrill of producing something unique and special. It's relaxing, challenging and satisfying.

This is a carve I did last night for no particular reason. Another sig-stamp? Sure, why not...


Mama Cache said...

Is there such a thing as a second exchange? Oh, lets! *smile*
Clever and beautiful!

shiloh said...

Draygonflies said...

Is this the second or third? I think I have two versions of a siggie for you. *wink* Love it!

Bobguyman46 said...



Ari C'rona said...

I love it! You surprised me with it yesterday when we boxed! I think I've lost count of how many you have... I'm bored with mine - guess I'll have to get creative! :o)

Dawn said...

I know some people use a special stamp to sign their LTC's
If it's the right size, you might want to use it for that

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