Monday, June 15, 2009


Every Saturday, Padawan and I try to spend time carving while listening to the study going on just over the bookcase in the library at shul. We can get quite a bit carved while listening to a rousing debate on chronology or the finer points of the day's Torah reading.

Anyway, this past Saturday wasn't one of my best - for carving, I mean. Once in a while it happens that way...I just can't seem to get that gouge to hit just where I want it to. ::sigh:: Ah well, what can I say?

These two are for a local project; Mr. Spotted Owl doesn't look very spotted, does he? (reminds me of fuzzy-wuzzy!) And, the 'p' kinda lost something...but, it will work, I think.

(actual size 1.75" x 2.5")

I definitely wanted to carve a crow, as they are one of my favorite birds to watch and analyze their behaviors...they are so smart! This carve turned out a little better...

(actual size 2" x 2.25")

You just can't be stellar every day, I suppose.


Ari C'rona said...

They're both excellent carves, my friend! I love carving on Shabbat afternoons with you! :o)

Nitrocat said...

I'll take one of your less than stellar carving days anytime. And "eavesdropping" on a study of Scripture while carving...can't imagine anything more perfect than that. :)


Alex said...

These are so great! Birds are my favorite subject matter for carving. Thanks for your stellar gallery. :)


Mama Cache said...

If you had not -ointed that out, -eople would never sus-ect there was any -art of your -retty owl that was less than -erfect. I a--reciate your sharing them both.

Carianna said...

Love the crow! I'm working on a crow stamp right now for when we travel through Eugene, OR, later this summer. He's going to go near the Cascades Raptor Center. Birds are my favorite things to carve!

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