Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Which PZ do you prefer?

The poll results are in! The requested poll of which PZ Kut carving material is preferred by readers of my blog has concluded and here are the results:

45% prefer to use the ultra creamy, ready to carve White Grade A, when it is available, that is. 37% of you choose the White Grade B, which is just as wonderful, just with some minor flaws. (I believe that Webfoot smooths the Grade A prior to shipment, which would account for the cost difference.)

Orange Grade A got no votes, which surprises me. I started with the Orange PZ only because it was the only thing available, and I like to carve with it still. It has a little bit different texture, more 'waxy', than the white, but you are still able to get the detail you want. Orange Grade B received 17% of the votes from those going the most cost effective way with PZ Kut...still an excellent choice, in my view.

Only 1% said, "I use something else, thanks!"

So, there you have it; the unofficial preferences of PZ Kut. It makes me want to go order some right now...oh wait, I need some!

Stampeaz is the only place you can purchase PZ Kut, and a lot more items for your carving obsession - check it out!


Webfoot said...

That's really interesting! I just pulled a report about what actually sells at Stampeaz. Grade B White wins hands down. In fact I sell about three times as much of it as any of the other flavors, which all come in fairly close to each other. I've been enjoying your blog!!

4 Little Piggies said...

I like the white best but the orange is a close second; it just depends on what I am carving. For me the orange tends to be easier to get fine details on, especially if I am doing a lot of needle use, since the orange (A or B) will show a color change where there has been a cut.

Ari C'rona said...

Tov meod! I think I'll need to order some soon, too, and some foam backing. :o)

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