Thursday, July 16, 2009

How pitiful!

Are you sad because you don't get to go to the upcoming letterboxing extravaganza, LB Con? Well, you aren't alone. But, you could entertain yourself while all those other 'boxers are having the time of their lives by having your own Pity Party all by yourself at home! Really, it will be fun...

(stamp size 3" x 1.25")

Start by getting out all your 'boxing stuff and stare at it longingly.

Make lots of party food, including some chocolate, set it out festively on the kitchen table. Then sit down, all by yourself, and think about how no one will be joining you.

Think of all the fun folks will be having exchanging, shmoozing, stamping, laughing, etc., etc., and know that the more you think about it, the more pitiful you will feel.

Have a good boo-hoo, then console yourself with the chocolate items you fixed for your Pity Party - that will make you feel better.

(stamp size 2.5" x .75")

There, don't you feel better now?

OK, so it's not that bad, I suppose. Won't it will be fun to hear about the festivities? And maybe next LB Con will be held in Seattle - now that would really be fun!


Mama Cache said...

Don't you have a song entitled, "Sad Violin" on your playlist? I don't guess you'd want to put it first on your list and turn off the random feature, huh? Hmmm. Didn't think so. Oh, well.
(Do I sound pitiful enough?)

Ari C'rona said...

"I got a rock..." :o(

Bookworm NTH said...

I like that idea about next year :)

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