Monday, August 3, 2009

Care for more Celtic?

(actual size 1.25" across)

Can you really ever have too much celtic? I enjoy the challenge of carving these woven designs. For a recent LTC project, I decided to carve three stamps to grace the front on my Y Knot 3 LTCs.

(actual size 2.25" across)

Notice that they are not only different designs, but different carving 'techniques', so to speak. The top is just the straight carve of the weave, the second is hollowed out and the third is carved in negative. Too much fun, to be sure!

(actual size 1.25" square)

Y Knot 3 LTC

1 comment:

Mama Cache said...

Love to see what you create when you take on a challenge -- and "keeping track" of the Celtic carve is certainly challenging.

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