Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Portraits

(stamp size 3.75" x 2")

Today, I'm featuring two carves of people. More than just their face, their body language speaks as loudly as their facial expressions. The first is Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew. Carved for the swap by the same name hosted by our favorite Nancy Drew fan, Amanda from Seattle. I took this image from the DVD cover of the new movie. However, during the carving, something went awry and I ended up creating this rather unique shaped stamp.

(stamp size 4" x 2")

A similar oops happened with this dashing fellow. Taken from a photo I snapped at Norwescon '09 (a Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention here in Seattle), the gentleman was an excellent example of some of the great Steam Punk costumes we saw. He was more than pleased to pose for a photo. Somehow, though, part of him was really hard to see in the photo. Since this image was for my Steam Punk LTC, I used the gear stamp along with my stately friend for a collage-type of effect, thus covering his lack.

You remember this one, right?
(stamp size just under 2" across)

I hope he doesn't mind.


Mama Cache said...

Amazing detail, my friend. The body language says much in both portraits, and you captured it so well.

Ari C'rona said...

I like these two so much, especially our esteemed friend from Norwescon - most excellent, my friend! :o)

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