Saturday, August 8, 2009

Poll Results: What do you carve most?

a stack of Mini LTCs

So, what do you carve the most for? Traditionals? Trading Cards? Personal Travelers?

Well, of the readers that voted in the poll, the clear winner is carving that hand-carved image for Letterboxer Trading Cards, at a whopping 47%. Following closely was those that say they carve the most for the mainstay of letterboxing, the traditional letterbox stamps, at 33%.

Postals was third 12% of voters saying this is what they spend their time carving. 4% are all over those hitchhikers and another 4% are the most generous, carving the most for requests from other boxers and friends or family.

Interesting! Thanks so much for voting and be watching for the next poll!


Nitrocat said...

I must have missed this one. What if you carve, make trading cards with the stamp and then plant it as a traditional box? Was there a category for that? Or carve and then *gasp* sell the stamp?
S~who always multitasks with her stamps

Hendel D'bu said...

SELL the stamp?? We can do that???

lol! I have to admit, I've never sold one, but wow, what a thought! :-)

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