Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thinkin' I'm some sort of artist, or something...

the practice layout

This last weekend, Lisa and I attended a science fiction & fantasy convention in beautiful Spokane, Washington. It was an interesting adventure featuring a 4+ hour road trip to get there, triple-digit heat, getting to dress and be Jedi for the weekend and hangin' with some of the best costumers I know.

This year, I decided to enter some of my Star Wars themed work in the art show. Ever get to the top of the highest point of a roller coaster and lose your breath in anticipation for the screamin' ride down? Yep, that's how I felt entering my stuff into this small art show - strange, huh?

My Padawan was so encouraging when I decided, at the last minute, to prep my 'art' for presentation; deciding how to display the pieces, buying the matting and then working out the final details. Above is the practice layout for the 4' x 4' pegboard I was allotted.

So, I didn't sell anything, but got good comments from the nice woman running the art show. She encouraged me to continue to enter my work in other convention art shows, and that people would start to recognize my work and want to purchase it. *shrug* We'll see. I have to say that my work and presentation looked sooooo different than anything else in the show, that's for sure. I think I'm OK with that, to be honest.


Mama Cache said...

So very profession, my friend. They don't know what they missed out on this time.

Mama Cache said...

Why can't we edit these comments??!!
ProfessionAL -- *groan*

Hendel D'bu said...

*smile* worries, we all knew what you ment...meent...meant.



Ari C'rona said...

Well, I think it was a great display and provided a nice balance to the usual fare we see at cons. Paula, the art show director, is right. I'll keep riding the roller-coaster with you, my friend. :o)

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