Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Enchanted Window

(actual size 2.5" x 2.5")

I think one of the most popular postals I created was a single called The Enchanted Window. A rather challenging carve for me at the time, actually. The premise of the postal was to suggest where in the world the window was located. The answer, of course, was my apartment in Israel, overlooking Nehemiah's wall in the Jewish Quarter! lol! ...just kidding. There was no right answer, but I got some interesting suggestions:

"I think it's the back door to heaven's gate."

"I'd picture it in Italy perhaps, overlooking the sea..."

"This is the window our cat sits in."

"This is a window in my cottage. When I sit in a big, comfy chair to read and look out the window, I see my gardens and beyond the setting sun on the water."

"It is Rapunzel's the top of a doorless tower waiting for a prince."

"This is the window where I can look out at the wine producing grapes, either in Napa Valley or Tuscany, and sip a great Cabernet or Chianti! Next to the vines will be olive trees, producing my best extra virgin olive oil!"

"I think it's the window from my childhood fantasy castle."

"This lovely window is somewhere here in San Francisco on an old narrow Victorian home overlooking a brickstone street, winding up a scenic hill."

"I think this beautiful window is in southern Spain - I think I see some Moorish influence. And behind the window? In my mind it's a hunky single man!"

" would be as beautiful from the inside as it is from the outside."

"Yep! I am sure I saw this window in Las Vegas! I think it was at the Venetian..."

"This is the window David and I will look out when we are old, surrounded by fat grandbabies. We'll live in the woods, in a beautiful house with a wrap-around porch. David will still make me coffee in the mornings and I will still be picking up errant socks..."

"I stared at the lovely window for quite some time. Then I realized that if it is enchanted, it must hold some mystery, so I started searching. Then I found it - a secret panel! I can't tell you where - that would be giving away a mystery. But in it was a key, which I tried on the nearby gate. That key (and a little WD-40) opened the most incredible letterboxing garden! There were clues carved under the stone benches and boxes that contained more clues. The sculptures and walls had more engravings on them, possibly in an elven tongue? There is so much to see, mysteries to solve, boxes to discover..."

"My enchanted window looks out over my children's futures...with accomplished goals and gorgeous smiles!"

My enchanted window in Jerusalem


Nitrocat said...

I'm pretty sure this image would still be a challenge to carve for me.
I love the Rapunzel answer!


Ari C'rona said...

Love your window - let's go see it one day, okay? :o)

Mama Cache said...

Such a pretty carve. I'm with Nitrocat on the "still . . . a challenge" thoughts.

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