Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Li'l Miss Molly

(stamp size 2" x 1.75")

Let me introduce you to my dog - this is my Brittany Spaniel named Molly. I did my research and picked out the breed, then the breeder to find her. She is an absolute sweetheart. She is the smartest dog I have ever met, which means she can be quite a stinker, as well.

Anyway, after having her for several years, I finally faced the reality that our lifestyle was just not conducive or fair to Molly. We were gone all the time and she usually couldn't go with us, unfortunately (she loves to go!). So after much prayer and pondering, I gave Miss Molly to my Dad. As soon as I got her, the first thing he said to me was when I get 'tired' of her to bring her to him - so that's what I did. I wasn't tired of her, but I knew it was best for her. And it has been wonderful for both of them, absolutely. She gets constant companionship and lots of treats and he gets a loving dog who sticks by him like glue - perfect!

Part of the bargain of them taking my purebred dog was that I would dog-sit when they went on vacation. Well, right now they are on a road trip to see Yellowstone, then eastward to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where my mother was born. And, you guessed it..I have Molly.

She's a little more, shall we say, chubby than when I had her. *chuckle* But, she has mellowed out substantially (probably due to the added weight, eh?) and she has been wonderful to have around. Except when I have to get up early to take her out to pee...but other than that she has been really a good girl.

The stamp of Molly (above) was carved for the longest-postal-ring-in-history, Dog Breeds. I was actually pretty surprised when it finally came home; I guess you never can tell how things will work out.

Here's a pic of my Miss Molly...

photo credit: Snapshot Henderson


Ari C'rona said...

She's sweet! I'd forgotten how long that postal took to finish! :o)

Nitrocat said...

I too was surprised when my stamp finally arrived home from that ring. There were some unbelievable stamps and it was totally worth it though!
Rub Molly's belly for me!

Mama Cache said...

Hey there, Molly. ;-)

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