Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Advice: Water Only

(stamp size 1" x 1.5")

Here's another mysterious hitchhiker that features good common sense. This happens to be a stamping 'pet-peeve' of mine, actually.

Out on the trail, we always wipe off the letterbox stamps after stamping them, just out of courtesy to the next finder. Ideally, I carry a freezer zip-bag with a damp wash-rag in my boxing bag for a quick, but very effective ink removal. But in a pinch, a dry rag will work, too...perhaps even Kirbert's infamous hiking towel would do the trick. *smirk*

I routinely discourage folks from using any type of baby wipe, as it will leave a residue on the stamp that is meant for the sweet bottoms of babies. That residue usually gets sticky and may cause the rubber to get brittle or crack. Others may have concerns that the scent of the baby wipe may attract critters, as well, even so-called 'unscented' ones. It's just not necessary to purchase or use baby or hand wipes on hand-carved rubber stamps, in my view.

In my craft room, I keep a small spray bottle of plain water and an old wash rag handy for stamp clean up. For more stubborn pigment and solvent inks, I use a specially formulated cleaning solution (I like the brand that is made by StazOn), followed by the squirt with water.


Mama Cache said...

Clever idea for the HH and good advice for all. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yep! Nobody likes a dirty letterboxer!!!

Lucy Locket

Mama Cache said...

We are all glad to see that you concur, LL!

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