Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What was your name again?

"Trailnames are interesting things aren't they? They represent us, but so often we choose them without much thought and then end up with something that doesn't represent us at all!"

Well, that would be the case of my very own 'boxing buddy, Triple T. After struggling for...well, quite a long time under the burden of this ill-chosen trailname, she has decided to change to a more fitting name. We had shortened it to a more manageable 'Triple T' from the original, but even that was beginning to become cumbersome.

Above are some sig-stamps that I carved for them at the beginning of their 'boxing career, so to speak. Way back in '06 I was thinkin' I was doing pretty well with my carving, well enough to carve their sig-stamps. Jacob at the time was really into his GameBoy (and still is, by the way) and Lisa was always talking about her gardening. The Tahuya Torah Tubbies was supposed to be their family name which would include her husband Larry, as well (who has acquired a trailname by default, Thank-You-Larry! - for all the times he buys us lattes...heehee!). Lisa, at my prompting, drew that little rabbi with the Torah scroll - isn't he cute? Anyway, I understand the Tahuya part - that's the small town where they live, and the Torah part is an integral part of their faith, but the Tubbies part? What was she thinking?? Hence the shortening to Triple T.

One thing you have to know about Lisa is that sometimes she is trying so hard to remember my schedule and things that she forgets her own (bless her heart!). On one such occasion, we were heading out for a 'boxing day and she realized that she had left her sig-stamp at home - over an hour away...ugh! I quickly carved her the 'emergency stamp' you see below so that we could continue with our plans. Pretty funny, huh? And yes, it has been used on several occasions!

(actual size 1.5" x 1")

Well, now with the name change, you know I had to have a new emergency stamp handy just in case. ..

(actual size 2.25" x 1"-ish)

Yep, the new name is Padawan...and a fitting name it is! I call her that all the time anyway, and so do others both in letterboxing circles and among our Star Wars costuming friends. I'm not sure why we didn't think of changing it before now, to be honest.

So look for new sig-stamps from my best bud Padawan, formerly Triple T - she has great plans for new stamps already.

Padawan and myself with our favorite Trooper, TD-9993
Spokane, August 2009


Nitrocat said...

I love the fact that your "emergency stamp" contains so many letters. Not a quick carve for most people.


Ari C'rona said...

Gee, do feel in the spotlight! lol! Am I famous now, too! ;o)

Love the new stamp! I've carved a new one myself, too - check out my profile on AQ!

You're awesome! :o)

Hendel D'bu said...

Aha! Most excellent, my Padawan! :-)

Mama Cache said...

I got wind of this when I looked at my blog widget on AQ, so I headed straight for the profile to see if I was "seeing things." ;-)

Love the new stamps from you both. Will the new debut in the Sig Stamp swap? ;-)

shiloh said...

Ari C'rona said...

If I remember right, that first emergency stamp was carved in about a half hour as we were heading out to an event... :oO

Well, Shiloh, we may just have to do something about that... :o)

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