Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your Worshipfulness

"Look, Your Worshipfulness, let's get one thing straight.
I take orders from just one person: me."

~Han Solo

I have been trying to find just the right portrait of Princess Leia to carve for a friend. I'd prefer to carve her in that controversial but interesting metal bikini, but I have just struck out. Yeah, there are pics out there, just not real conducive to my style of portrait. *sigh*

I have had two full sketches transferred to rubber only to aggressively attempt to remove the pencil from my now-scarce white PZ Kut. How frustrating. This does not happen to me often, where I am bumping up against some unseen barrier than I need not be crossing. Perhaps I'm not supposed to carve another Leia - maybe I'm supposed to use the one I already have.

The stamp featured above was carved quite a long time ago from an artist drawing I found online. I used the image for my second virtual, A New Hope. It was also put to good use as the LTC Padme's Legacy back in November of '07.

In my searching for images, I did come up with this cute one, but ruled it out - maybe you can see why...


Nitrocat said...

I know the urge was probably great, but Thank You for not carving that.


Mama Cache said...

Your original Leia is lovely. I am just so sorry to hear about your frustrations.
Perhaps hearing that you also struggle at times to get just what you want from that smooth white sheet will be a great help to those who are regularly disappointed with their own.
Thanks for sharing beyond the shining moments.

Ari C'rona said...

She's just right, I'm thinking! :o)

I'm with Stacy on the pony! lol!

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