Monday, November 16, 2009

Plant a Mystery

(stamp size 2.25" x 2")

Back in '06, letterboxers across our great country participated in the Plant a Mystery Letterbox event. The stamp above is one I carved to commemorate the event. It was sent out as a postal letterbox to those who participated. Originally, I had planned to carve out all the background, but I ended up leaving the stamp unfinished because I liked the 'nighttime' feel.

Below is the stamp I planted for the event. Unfortunately, it no longer exists, but I sure enjoyed doing the research and planting this one. I had no idea that we had a blockhouse so close to my home, right along the Puyallup River; bloody skirmishes between the natives and homesteaders...who knew? Nothing remains of the blockhouse today, save an inconspicuous pyramid shaped monument stone that no one stops to read.

(stamp size 3.25" x 2.5")

The 'box may have been a mystery, but it's no mystery what happened to this one. It was planted discreetly in the many vines of an umbrella-type tree; you had to climb under it's protecting branches and let your eyes adjust in order to discover the hiding place of this well-camo'd 'box. Unfortunately, it would seem, the homeless liked to use this tree as a shelter, so I guess one of them must have gotten curious. Perhaps they liked it so much, they took it with them...


Anonymous said...

Glad I got it when I did!! I think it was my first mystery box! I have "WA mysteries" as a saved search, that way I know when someone has been up to some sneaky business!

Sad to hear that it's gone, maybe we'll find it hanging out with the lost socks someday,

Ari C'rona said...

Cool carves, my friend! Your visits to the past bring back memories like trying to find out where in the world Ft. Maloney was! :o)

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