Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretty Fancy!

Fancy LTC/ATC envelopes

Sometimes, when I'm sending LTCs for trade or a gift, I want to present them with just a little more pizzaz than just a zip bag. Perhaps you would like to do the same...

You could really jazz up these little fancy envelopes with different printed papers and embellishments. Or, you could even use these for special notes to loved ones tucked into a backpack or laptop case. You could also tweak the measurements a bit and make little envelopes for the LTC Minis or Micros that are so cute. These would be a great way to present LTCs in a raffle or door prize at gatherings, too.

Here's my rough template sketched out on a scrap piece of paper - the measurements don't have to be exact, but close is good. I chose the regular thickness printed scrapbook paper, but you could easily use the thicker cardstock paper, as well. To assemble, I folded the bottom flap up first, then folded the right side in and tacked it with a little glue. Next, I folded in the left side and glued carefully (I hate sloppy glue mess!). I thought the front looked a little plain, so I added some embellishment by way of another stamp, but you wouldn't have to do that.

click on the photo to make it larger

What a great way to use up some of those single sheets of scrapbook paper that are just not enough for a bigger project.

If you need something bigger to accommodate more LTCs, check out this holder - it's even fancier! Enjoy!


Nitrocat said...

I love this idea! Thank you!

Ari C'rona said...

Those are really cool, my friend! :o)

Mama Cache said...

*smile* More inspiration from my favorite raiser-of-the-proverbial-bar. ;-)

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